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The Goal of Your About Page

This is your opportunity to make a connection with your visitor. Best practice here is to create content (copy) that resonates with your visitor as if you were talking to him/her face to face, empathizing with the challenges they face related to how you can help them. Keep in mind that you need to continue leading them down the path to work with you, or purchase from you, by crafting your content to lead to what you want them to do next.

Why This Business?

Provide context about how you ended up where you are, why you’re an expert, and what you’re excited about. Briefly describe who you are, what you do and the experience you have related to how you help clients. This isn’t only about you… make sure you provide value and speak to how you can solve their problems.

What Are Your Core Values?

What's Different About You and Your Business?

Share Your Personality