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Homepage Content

[CONTENT] Homepage

Your Homepage should be constructed in a way that strategically guides your visitors to do 2 things:

(1) browse your website for more information
(2) take the actions you want them to take.

With these goals in mind, it's important to have compelling written content in the
necessary sections of your Homepage.

So with the following prompts and questions, I'll guide you through creating the content for your Homepage.

Headline - Opening Statement

Within three to five seconds, a website needs to tell visitors they are in the right place. That's where your headline comes in. It may only be a sentence or two, but it's one of the most important pieces of copy on your website.

Create a “who/what/how” statement.
Create a statement that includes what you do, what you offer, how they will benefit and how they can take action to get what you offer.
Create what’s called an “Aspirational Identity”. Appeal to their wants/needs/desires and have them imagine themselves as the ideal end result with an accompanying sentence of your services.


Your sub-headline should supplement the headline by offering a brief description of what you do or what you offer. This can be done effectively by zeroing in on a common pain point that your service solves.

Call To Action

The goal of your homepage is to compel visitors to dig deeper into your website and move them further into the customer journey of working with you. Think about the main action you want your visitors to take when they land on your website.

Examples: “Book a free call”, “Get started”, “Schedule today”, “Let’s do this”.

You don’t want to be fancy or clever. You want to tell visitors exactly what to do.


It's not only important to describe what you do, but also why what you do matters. Prospects want to know about the benefits of working with you because that's what'll compel them to stick around. Keep the copy lightweight and easy to read, and speak the language of your clients.

Go a bit deeper into their wants, needs and desires. Help them to images their problems resolved as a result of working with you and describe why your offerings/services are their solution.


Social proof is a powerful indicator of trust. Your service could be the best in the world, and it's okay to lay that claim. Include just a few of your best (short) quotes. Adding a name and photo gives these testimonials more credibility.

If you have other ‘proof’ such as podcasts you’ve been on, articles you have written, etc, it’s wonderful to include those in a “featured in” section. We’ll focus on those late, but keep in mind that you want to use those.

You will upload photos (if applicable) into your Google Drive folder.